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About Green Dice Investments

A Vision Professionals Trust & Our Members Love

Since 2015, Green Dice Investments P/L (GDI) have been providing analysis and strategy for the thoroughbred and racing world on a global scale. A bespoke analysis service that has defied the odds; incomparable to speed maps and current analytics used in horse racing.  GDI service has provided members with a 328% net ROI in 2018, and 259% net ROI in 2019 and on track for over 230% annual Profit in 2020, along with the launch of the Chairman’s Club

GDI are passionate about what they do, what they deliver, and how they help people make more strategic choices when placing investments.  They are very proud to offer Australia’s #1 Equine Performance Analyst and Investment Membership – Guaranteed to return annual members a profit, when their proven strategy is followed.  GDI offer a Membership Money Back Guarantee for annual members if a ROI profit is not made. 

How To Make $ In 2-Minutes Per Day

1. Register For Membership

Once approved, this provides the analysis, rules and instructions

2. Join An Agency/Broker

Make sure you read their Rules and Terms & Conditions. 

3. Place Bet with FPO

Place investment based on analysis as soon as the market opens, at fixed place odds.

4. Invest > 5% Of Your Capital

Always use the same investment amount per analysis, no more than 5% of your capital

5. Enjoy The Rewards!

Enjoy generous rewards and numerous member benefits. 

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Some of Our "Members Only" Benefits...


Join our telegram channel to get real-time race tips from Beau BEFORE the race begins.


Get access to support from our most successful members. 24/7 chatbot assistance.


Members can earn up to 20% recurring commission for referring colleagues, friends, and family that register.


Our Facebook Group is the first line of support for our members, but we offer dedicated email support for our Chairman Club Members.

What Our Valued Members Say.

  • Annual Membership
  • Monthly & Quarterly Plans

Free Trial


Unlimited Telegram Signals
Private Facebook Group
Access Monthly Reports
$50 Referral Commission
Classic Annual

$1550 /year (save over 40%)

7-10 Signals per week
Access Monthly Reports
Access to Members Area
Private FB Group
Ebook Download - Principles Of Investment Success
$50 Referral Commission
Chairman's Club

$2750 1 Year

Classic Annual Benefits PLUS...
100 Extra Second Tier Signals
Global Sporting Signals (NRL, Boxing, etc.)
Direct Access to Analyst
Exclusive Invite to Sporting
Events (Melbourne Cup, Derby Day)
Ebook Download - Principles Of Investment Success
20% Referral Commission


$220 1 Month

Unlimited Telegram Signals
Private Facebook Group
Access Monthly Reports
$50 Referral Commission

$550 3 Months

Unlimited Telegram Signals
Private Facebook Group
Access Monthly Reports
$50 Referral
Chairman's Club
Payment Plan

$330 1 Month

Classic Annual Benefits PLUS...
100 Extra Second Tier Signals
Global Sporting Signals (NRL, Boxing, etc.)
Direct Access to Analyst
Exclusive Invite to Sporting Events (Melbourne Cup, Derby Day)
Ebook Download - Principles Of Investment Success
20% Referral Commission


Most frequently asked questions and answers

All signals are poised on our private Telegram Channel at 8 am each day; if no
investment is published for the day and NO INVESTMENTS SIGNAL will be
posted. All results will be posted on this same channel.

It varies, we only post tips that have been fully analysed (based on many considerations) before they reach our criteria for a convincing place win. Most days there are one or two signals, and sometimes none if the investment does not fit our tipping criteria. Again, experience has shown us there’s more profit to be made long term from consistently winning. Some days there won’t be any investment. Unless we are sure, the analysis doesn’t go up. Our analyst works hard to ensure each and every analysis is a worthy Green Dice Investment. Minimum risk, maximum results.  Our Classic Membership averages 5-7 investments per week.

No, our tips don’t win every week, and any services claiming they do are
kidding themselves and frankly lying to their audience. There are losing
periods in any form of investing, but the key is to look at our long term record. If you follow our staking methodology exactly, then you can expect to make very good profits over the course of the year.

Members who give up during the course of a losing period are probably still off blowing their money every week at the track. Those who stick with our staking system and methodologies are still making fantastic profits. 

Dealing with Losses…  Yes, we do have losses, but we just have a lot more wins! It is really important to be prepared for dealing with losses. At times you can get used to the feeling of winning every day and it can come as a shock to lose money, especially, if there are a few losses close to each other. This is why the float system is so important. It will carry you out of many tough situations. It is also really important to remember that no matter how bad any one day, week, or even month maybe, every year we make a lot of money. Quite simply, you have to lose to make gains, and risk management is an important part of what we do.

As these are recurring memberships, Credit Card & Debit Card are the only payment methods available via our Membership checkout page. All of our pricing is in AUD and include 10% GST and all affiliate commissions are paid out via PayPal.

We differ from other investments analysts because our strategy is structured and reliable.  Thorough risk management is in place and the returns are awesome in comparison. We’re always contactable and hope you enjoy Green Dice Investments as much as we do.

In your membership dashboard, you will have access to your subscription and you can upgrade any package in the My Accounts section.

We have some very serious investors as members, however, our service is
straightforward enough for even novices to enjoy.  You just need to follow our proven strategy and the key factor is, knowing how much you are betting per signal so that when we send out the tips you know exactly how much to invest. You just need to know how to place the bets. Investors of any size can join, succeed and bet like a professional.

Our Profit Guarantee applies to Annual memberships only. If the service does not show a profit based on our official results during the period of your annual membership and strickly following our strategy rules (we will need proof of agency statements to support your claim), then we will refund your annual membership investment, less stripe accounting fees at 3%.  If you cancel, pause or default on your recurring payment before your end subscription date, you are not entitled to a profit guarantee.  The profit guarantee is for genuine, bona fide ongoing members only.

If a service changes substantially from one period to the next or the analyst
changes for the same type of service, then the profit guarantee does not apply. However, we will assess on a case by case basis and may offer service credits. The profit guarantee applies only to the original period of the subscription.

Our decision in relation to the profit guarantee is final at the full discretion of management and no correspondence will be entered into.

The results posted on our private Telegram Channel, Facebook Group and in your Membership Dashboard.  We have a Members-only APP launching in late 2020.

We take your privacy very seriously and run a very concentrated, passionate operation based on the values of the old-time handshake and common sense. For this reason, our work is done via our secure private Telegram channels, and Membership area which is highly secure.

Yes, of course, you can.

Monthly & Annual subscriptions can be cancelled prior to your anniversary renewal date.  You can cancel yourself anytime through your member’s area, or simply email us at

This will ensure that you are not charged for any more subscription payments, and the last payment you made prior to cancelling will be your last. Refunds are not provided part of the way through a subscription period.

In simple terms, No. All subscriptions are non-refundable and Yes, you can try before you buy.  We offer a 14-day TRIAL MEMBERSHIP for FREE and if you do like what you experience, then you have a choice to join on one of our monthly, quarterly or annual memberships.

Why? Two reasons.

Firstly, we don’t sell T-shirts or socks. We sell expert strategy knowledge and detailed analysis proprietary information backed up with over 10-years of knowledge, experience and time in the Horse Racing Industry.

And none of these things can be returned.

Secondly, because we know from personal experience how easy it can be to second-guess yourself and your instincts.  This opportunity is not for the fainthearted, it is an “investment strategy” that can provide real results and income if you follow the system and agency rules.

So, in short, we are doing the things you are paying us to do, providing you with regular and consistent signals, which will provide you with a solid ROI and secondary stream of ‘tax-free’ income along with a whole lot of fun.

Congratulations on a great decision we are looking forward to welcoming you to our awesome community of national members and we are confident you will enjoy the ride.

To sign up, all you have to do is go to the Membership Levels page, find the
subscription you would like to purchase. If you have any questions please contact us at or message us via our Facebook Page

In simple terms, investment is where you use the money you already have, to make more money. There are so many different types and forms of investment you’d be familiar with, including property, stock markets, currency trading, Bitcoin, or even an interest-bearing savings account, but what we offer here, is an investment strategy with an unbelievably high return on investment. We don’t gamble or punt for fun, this is a serious investment. Luckily, we’re backed by a well-regarded investment strategist, Beau Langalaar.

Our system makes investment easy. You don’t need thousands of dollars or spend hours of time every day. In fact, some of our members started with just a few hundred dollars and built it up to $7,000 after following our lead for just one year.  Our recommendation for this investment in your first year is clear… For best results, we suggest starting with a $3,000 Float and a 5% stake per bet of $150.

It is YOUR MONEY and It’s important to note here that we don’t take or have access to your capital at any stage. You use your own account with one of the agencies we recommend. It’s your account, your money, we just give you in-depth analysis on which investments to make each day.

Our service is based on a paid subscription. For the membership, you receive master analysis, rules and instructions. When the annual fee is paid upfront, you also receive a guarantee of profit over the course of the membership and $50 for every friend you refer. The guarantees and benefits do not apply for the monthly payment plan over 52 weeks.

Yes, we guarantee a profit, if you follow our rules, and instructions on our annual membership. If at the end of the 12 months, you have not made a profit, we will refund your annual membership fee.

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