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Congratulations and welcome to Green Dice Investments!

Green Dice Investments offer Australia’s #1 Equine Performance Analyst and VIP
Tipping Investment Membership – Guaranteed to return you a profit, if you follow our
proven strategy.

What you need to know.

Please always read the fine print of your agency.

Use a Float
Always use a float. This is the most important rule and cannot be overstressed. A float is your total capital commitment, only risk what you can afford to lose in an investment.  See below for more detail for your agency but our suggested beginner’s position is a $1,000 float staking $50 per race and for ALL ANNUAL Members we recommend a starting float of $2,500 at a 5% ($125 per Stake) @ PLACE FIXED ODDS.

Get in Early
In general, you’ll get the best odds if you place your bet as soon as possible after the market opens. We will generally post signals (tips) at 8 am every morning (Sydney EST). Some ideas that work well here are to set a reminder at the right time of day for your agency and keep a close eye on your telegram for notifications and possible late tips.

Getting Paid
Our general membership is for you to receive analysis, rules and instructions to make an active income. With your agency, if you’d like to take your winnings out monthly, you certainly can but we recommend taking your profit monthly, quality or annually.  At the end of each year, withdraw whatever money is over your float into your own nominated bank account. For example, if you’re working off a $2,500 float and at the end of the year you have $7,500, you would withdraw the $5000 back into your nominated bank account & start again at $2500 for the beginning of the next year. If you’re working with larger amounts e.g., on a $15,000 float, investing $500 per race ending on $31,600, you’d withdraw $16,600 and start again at $15,000.  Enjoy your tax-free annual interest and get ready to start again in the next year.  Never risk more than 5% of your capital on any one analysis.

Bet365 Clients
If you’re a Bet365 client, all markets are out by 5 pm AEST the day before, and this is the best time to make your fixed-place investment as that will generally be when you get the best odds. In our experience, Bet365 has the best odds and conditions. Our recommended minimum Green Dice investment is $125 per tip with a minimum float of $2,500. We suggest just drawing out as winning anything over $2,500 at the end of each month.  If you become restricted by Bet365, then you must place your bets after 9 am on the morning of the race.  Please email if you get a notification from Bet365 informing you that you have in fact been restricted and we will advise how to best move forward. 

Bet365 also have restrictions on racing in WA, so be sure to read their Agency Rules. 

Most agencies change the definition of “place” when there are less than 8 runners to only pay out on 1st and 2nd place (not 3rd place). This happens when there are scratchings. This doesn’t apply to Bet365 – if at the time you placed your investment there were 8 runners or more, and then later there are scratchings so there’s 7 runners or less, you still get paid if your horse places 3rd, whereas other agencies, this DOES NOT apply.

Wednesdays & Saturdays
When it comes to Saturday racing ONLY, Bet365 clients CAN choose to take “tote place”. Tote means whatever the price is at the time the horse crosses the line.

Bet365 clients get the highest tote available. If it’s a country race in Melbourne for
example, you would get the highest tote of Melbourne & Sydney. Be aware TOTE may be less than FIXED PLACE ODDS.

TAB Clients
Once you’re with TAB, it generally means you’ve been barred from commercial agencies. Take it as a compliment! You’re on the right track. The downside with TAB is their odds are not as good as Bet365 for example, BUT they are better than some other agencies. The big upside to TAB is that you cannot ever get barred because it’s a government agency.

Time of day to invest
Unlike commercial agencies, you will have to place your Investments on the actual day from 8 am AEST onwards. The reason being is that if there are scratchings and you’ve already made your investment; you will get lower odds than the fixed price you took. So, for TAB, we recommend you make your investments at about 8 am onwards.

Odds Multiplier
TAB offers the idea of an “odds multiplier”. You are allowed to use this once a day (which is great for us because most days we only have one investment). What it does, is it multiplies the odds by (x) an amount (usually 5% or 2% but can sometimes be much more!). We recommend you take advantage of this and use your daily multiplier to Increase your odds. Even an additional 2% becomes significant over time. Time of day to invest For BetEasy (previously Crown and William Hill), we recommend you make your investments from 9 am AEST onwards. Saturdays During the week, we recommend taking Fixed Place Odds. On Saturdays however, there is typically a lot more money in the pool and tote odds are generally higher than what you’d get by fixing them in advance. So, you may be best to take Tote Place Odds on Saturdays – this ensures you get the highest dividend out of the 3 agencies.

Dealing with Losses
Yes, we do have losses. We just have a lot more wins. It is really important to be prepared for dealing with losses. At times you can get used to the feeling of winning every day and it can come as a shock to lose money, especially, if there are a few losses close to each other. This is why the float system is so important. It will carry you out of any tough situations. It is also really important to remember that no matter how bad any one day, one week, or even one month maybe, every year we make a lot of money. Quite simply, you have to lose to make gains, and risk management is an important part of what we do.

Follow the strategy for 12 months to see your true ROI.

  1. Always take FIXED PLACE ODDS
  2. Always use the same STAKE $ AMOUNT per analysis for true % results
  3. For best % ROI, invest as soon as markets open
  4. Never risk more than 5% capital per analysis
  5. Welcome to Green Dice Investments, enjoy the results.

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Our process is simple:

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3. Read our rules, and follow our instructions
4. Enjoy the rewards

We provide a guarantee of profit with our annual membership, and bonuses, resulting in a risk-free investment for you (T&C’s apply).
We don’t believe in gambling. We invest. smart. The action or process of investing money with the expectation that its value will increase over time.

This is not financial advice and should not be considered as such. Only invest with funds that you are willing to lose. Any investment carries an element of risk, and we are performance analysts who try, through passion, to reduce that risk for people. Please also note that there are no refunds available from our services. If your subscription expires, you will be removed from the service when payment is due. Our returns quoted are based on the opening market % of one agency, and this may vary across agencies. Our core focus is a successful analysis.

Sharing your Signals is not permitted. Please take a moment to carefully review our updated Terms of Service and Copyright Policy, which will be accessible on our new website in the coming days. When you join any Green Dice Investments paid investment membership, you are restricted to viewing that content from no more than three (3) devices, only two (2) of which can be desktop or tablet devices.  We use proprietary software to track every device that logs into your account and if any signals are screenshot or shared from Telegram, you will be removed immediately. If you breach your device limit or are found to be sharing members only proprietary information, your account may be suspended or blocked depending on the outcome of an investigation into the matter. In essence, when you join any of our memberships, your login or signals cannot be shared with other people or 3rd-parties.

The thing to think about is, you have PAID for your membership, so why share this valued information to others for FREE, when you can invite them to join our 7-Day FREE TRIAL and if they UPGRADE to a paid membership, you will receive a $50 referral commission for a CLASSIC ANNUAL membership.  If you share Signals, which is exclusive to your paid membership; you are not supporting YOUR INVESTMENT and the Green Dice community.  This behaviour is not acting with integrity, and this will not be tolerated.  We sincerely thank you for respecting the significant time, effort and investment we’ve put into building and providing YOU with, Australia’s #1 Equine Performance Analyst and VIP Tipping Investment Membership – Guaranteed to result in a wonderful ROI if you follow our proven strategy on an annual membership.

From The Team at Green Dice Investments 

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GDI Actual Results 2020

Based on $3,000 Float with a 5% Stake per signal of $150

From August 2019, the figures shown are based on $100 stake size.

2019 | $6,477 Net Profit

2018 | $8,215 Net Profit

2017 | $5,860 Net Profit

2016 | $6,350 Net Profit

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